Custom Fabrication

International Fiberglass began in 1966 to fill a need for custom fiberglass fabrication in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Since that period the quality and attention to detail has netted the company customers from around the world.
Chief engineer and designer Frank Meldau designs the molds, oversees production and produces a wide variety of items for industrial, commercial and home useage. With more than 35 years experience, International Fiberglass lists many prestigious clients world-wide in a variety of arenas.
Below is a short list of the many items fabricated by IFG; a list of recent projects is also available. Contact us for your production needs or to fabricate one-of-a-kind items.

Industrial & Commercial Items
Car-top pill - HealthFirst Pharmacy
• Special hood ducts - Penn Compression ABB
Motor housing, Terex - American Crane
• Thread guides and gear guards for Rockwell Draper
• White Truck tractor-trailer components
• Givens Life Raft cannisters
• Molded fiberglass furniture-tables, chairs, stools, airport terminal chairs
• Sewage hoppers
RDU Airport children's playport
Various custom automotive parts & bodies
• Projects for notable artists
Prefabricated 30' geodesic dome
Molded fiberglass building
Sculptural light forms for a hotel in Istambul, Turkey
• 12'x12' air conditioner facades and air distributors
• 12'x5' acid duct vents
Commercial signage
• Outdoor sleeve planters
• Molds for concrete casting
Molded fiberglass eagle with 12' wingspan - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC
• Housing and frame for the scoreboard in the Portland, Maine Sport Coliseum
Replacement facade panels for the Duke University parking garage
Sign faces for Research Triangle Park
• 25' Water channels for the School of Environmental Sciences-UNC
• 3,000 gallon salt water tank-NCSU
Aquarium tanks - NC Scientific Lab & 3 Marine Resource Centers
• Fish collecting tanks for the research vessel The Dan Moore-NCSU
• Wind generator research cones-NCSU
• Vacuum chambers-NCSU
• X-ray developing tanks-Duke University
Research Projects
• Pusher propeller blades, Benson Aircraft
• Artificial kidney press mold, Becton-Dickson
• Heart/Lung read out housing cabinet, Becton-Dickson
• Portable dog kennel prototype, U. S. Army
• Balloon gondola, NASA
• Microwave vessel for McDonald Douglas
• Power room safety panels-GTE
Boats and Marine Craft Components
• 20' Flounder fishing boat
• 20' Carolina Spritsail Sailboat
Isotope and Cheshire catamarans
• Components for 36' cruising trimaran
• Little Jet motorboat
• Carolina Enterprises, Inc. in setting up their own shop, prototype toys
• Intercontinental Trimarans, Inc. in the manufacture of sailboats
• Arts and Engineering students and professors at area universities

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