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Cheshire Catamaran
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Rigging & Parts

Step the Mast — Slide show demonstrates how Isotope and Cheshire sailors can step the mast on their boat without help. Each boat is equipped with self-stepping straps used as a temporary hold for the side stays. Once the mast is up, side stays are moved to the chain plates.

Righting Bar TM Slide show demonstrates how to recover single-handedly from a capsize.

Mast Rigging — Slide show includes photos showing details of main halyard, howard hook, main halyard shackle, and mainsail; tensioning the jib sail; and hooking howard hook ring to mast.

Trailer with Dolly Built-In — Isotope sailor Steve Chobot designed a dolly that is incorporated into the trailer. Slide show includes photos of trailer and dolly together, and demonstrates sailor rolling it off the trailer to step the mast.

Step the Mast
Righting Bar

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