Isotope Catamaran
Sailing for Fun. Racing to Win.

Technical Specifications
(Detailed pictures available late Oct.)
• LOA 16'
• Beam 7' 4"
• Draft 6" to 2' 6"
• Sail Area 185 sq'
• Mast height 26'
• Boom 8' 6"
• Weight (all up) 280 lbs.

Standard Boat Package
Rigging & Parts

Optional Equipment

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Isotope Manual


The Isotope is a very fast boat. Beware! Once you've sailed an Isotope, sailing anything else feels like some kind of slow motion time warp. And on those windless racing weekend in July and August, it is the only moving boat on the water...

I'm a new owner of an experienced boat. An experienced sailor is teaching me the ropes. I love the boat, especially its relentless will to fly! It's an exhilirating time, a wonderful boat - more like a partner than property... Read more!




Standard Boat Package

• Righting Bar ™ *
• Storage Hatches on Both Hulls
• Kick-Up Rudders
• Sealed - Rotating Mast
• Internal Main Halyard
• Jib Furler
• Jib Barber Outhaul
• Single Line Roller Mainsail Traveller
• White 5oz. Dacron Sails
• Sail Bags
• Color Choice for Stripe/Hull/Deck
• Self Tending Pivoting CTBDS, Friction Lock *
• Tiller Extension
• Hinged Mast Base for Easy Stepping
• Roller Clew Outhaul
• Adjustable Jib Leads
• Color - Coded Lines
• Positive Flotation
• Jib Window
• Ash Battens
*Exclusive to IFG Designs

Optional Equipment

• Customized Trailer
• Trailer Cradle
• Leeward Cleating
• Adjustable Trapeze
• Mast Limiter
• Multi-Color Sails
• 2 Color Stripe
• Radial Cut Sail-Pin Top or Square Top
 (in place of standard sails)**
• Mast Rest
• Wind Indicator & Mount
• 3" Ratchet Cheek Blocks (Jib)
• Trapeze Harness
• FRP Battens
Telescoping Tiller w/Tiller Return ™
** If sails bought separately call for quote.

hull customization available

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