Cheshire Catamaran
Put a Smile on Your Face Sail a Cheshire

Technical Specifications

• LOA 14'
• Beam 6' 5"
• Draft 5" to 2' 1"
• Sail Area 135 sq'
• Main Sail 105 sq'
• Jib Sail 30 sq'
• Mast height 21'
• Boom 7' 6"
• Weight (all up) 170 lbs.

Standard Boat Package

Rigging & Parts

Optional Equipment

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Single Line Roller Mainsail Hinged Mast Base for Easy Stepping
Wind Indicator and Mount Telescoping Tiller w/Tiller
Jib Furler Tiller Extension
Jib Furler
Complete Customized Trailer Pivoting Self-Tending Centerboards
Roller Clew Outhaul
Kick-up Rudders / Break-Away Cleat
Righting Bar TM

The Cheshire Catamaran is simply put the fastest production catamaran in the world under 14ft. Makingit the fastest Formula 14 boat made. With and without a spinnaker the Cheshire has the lowest Portsmith rating( .77) of any Formula 14 specification boat. The Cheshire has centerboards to point upwind and a balanced helm for a wakeless flow through the water. With recent advances in single handed spinnaker the Cheshire's Portsmith rating will take a deep plunge this year. The Formula 14 class will need 40 years of trial and error to catch a Cheshire.


Cheshire with spinnaker pictured on the left.


The Cheshire is a 14' performance cat with the design and equipment features needed to develop the skills for sailing and racing larger catamarans.

Standard Boat Package
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• Righting Bar ™ *
• Storage Hatches on Both Hulls
• Kick-Up Rudders / Break-Away Cleat

• Sealed - Rotating Mast
• Internal Main Halyard
• Jib Furler

• Jib Barber Outhaul
• Single Line Roller Mainsail Traveller / Main Blocks

• White 5oz. Dacron Sails
• Sail Bags
• Color Choice for Stripe/Hull/Deck

• Self Tending Pivoting CTBDS, Friction Lock *
• Tiller Extension

• Hinged Mast Base for Easy Stepping

• Roller Clew Outhaul

• Adjustable Jib Leads
• Color - Coded Lines
• Positive Flotation
• Jib Window
• Ash Battens
*Exclusive to IFG Designs

Optional Equipment

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• Complete Customized Trailer
• Trailer Cradles
• Leeward Cleating
Trapeze / Harness System
• Mast Limiter
• Multi-Color Sails
• 2 Color Stripe
• Radial Cut Sail-Pin Top or Square Top
 (in place of standard sails)**
• Mast Rest
• Wind Indicator & Mount

• 3" Ratchet Cheek Blocks (Jib)
• Trapeze Harness only
• FRP Battens
Telescoping Tiller w/Tiller Return ™

** If sails bought separately call for quote.

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The Smart Cat!
Rigged, sailed, righted by one person.

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