Custom Fabrication - Recent Projects

Custom fabrication represents a large part of CFI's business. Production requests come in from individuals as well as businesses, and typically entail the creation of custom molds and engineered parts.

Current Projects:

CFI made these giant size Christmas ornaments, which are featured at (among other places) Rockefeller Center.

CFI, in 2013-2014 manufactured special array canisters for General Dynamics.

In 2014-2015, CFI has manufactured more architectural pieces such as the unit constructed decorative window unit used at Searstone in Cary, NC and many construction pieces such as soffits, rafter tails, window surrounds, and other exterior finishing pieces for buildings at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

Wind Tunnel Tail Cone for Testing the Aerodynamics of NASCAR Autos

Tooling and Products for the Commercial Furniture Group (CFG). Molded Booths for Fast Food Restaurants.

Landscaping Pool Fish Farm Tank

JARRETT BAY 32' Fishing Boat

The finished Jarrett Bay 32 Prototype Sport Fishing Boat. Parts built by CFI. This prototype boat did 50 mph with the engines pictured. The hull weight with stringers and bulkheads is 3000 lbs. The boat was hand laminated with vinylester resin and vectorply fabric.
View of the Jarrett Bay 32 cockpit and console.

The first sea trial of the Jarrett Bay 32.

The first Jarrett Bay 32 hull produced by CFI.
The second Jarrett Bay 32 hull produced by CFI.
CFI Builders hand laminating a Jarrett Bay 32 hull using all Vinylester Resin and Vectorply Glass.
CFI Builders installing stringers and bulkheads in one of the first Jarrett Bay 32 hulls.
CFI built the molds (above) and is building the parts for the Jarrett Bay 32' Sport Fishing Boat.

CFI builds these fiberglass steps that have no metal parts and therefore do not produce sparks when moved around which makes them ideal for use in production envirnoments that use flammable liquids or gases such as the aerospace industry.
Step Stool

Architectural Project for The State Legislature Building

CFI installed a hand laminated fiberglass liner in four rooftop planters at the NC Legislature. The planters were leaking and needed a major refit. The fiberglass was applied and then sealed with a special roofing gelcoat. After passing all water tests, the planters were then refilled with dirt and trees, and opened to the public.

Drain opening before
Applying the fiberglass
Pyramids before
Pyramids before
Drain opening after
Gel coat application
Pyramids after
Finished rooftop planter

Weather Data Instrument Parts

GEM-2A helicopter-towed instrument package built by Geophex, Ltd. In Raleigh, NC. CFI fabricated portions of the conical drag-skirt assembly shown at the rear of the package.  CFI also fabricated hemispherical nosecones and other components.  GEM is a registered trademark by Geophex.


In the fall/winter of 2002, CFI was building fiberglass steps called Fibersteps (patent pending) for housing projects in Wytheville VA. The Fibersteps are molded individually and then locked together when installed. It's a clean, simple design that is rust-proof and easy to install. View photos.

2003 Projects

Custom dryer doors, as seen in the two photos (r: door open, l: door closed) on the left.

Custom fiberglass duct for Guilford Mills, Greensboro, NC. Over 58 feet in length and 34"in diameter this duct was made of acid resistant and fire retardend resins. The hopper was custom made and over 5' tall! See photos to the right and above.

2001-2002 Projects

To the right and below are visual samples of some items fabricated in November 2001 through January 2002 in the CFI shop.

  • A fish tank for State of Kentucky Fish and Widllife, used in the fish farming industry.
  • The large truck bumper mold for use by 3 TEX Corp in an injection molding process to fabricate bumpers for trucks out of their unique fabric.
  • A highly specialized vent hood used in power plants for ABB.

Below is a dish prototype which CFI assisted Channelmaster with in the fall of 2001 for testing and marketing prototype work.

Channelmaster Prototype


Fish Tank

More information on our many custom fabrication projects.

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